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Let your organs live after Death for ever ( While living donate blood & while leaving donate organs ).

It includes :-
» Finding multi organ human donors to pledge their organs after death.
» Promoting multi organ donations.
» Timely retrieving organs .
» Preserving organs till transplantation.
» Suitable recipients assessment & executing successful transplantation operations


» Eyes - Cornea
» Kidney
» Liver
» Transplantable Bones & Tissues
» Heart
» Lung
» Pancreas
» Intestine

Totally free for donors as well as recipients for & on behalf of MORTO
Kawal Jit Singh Talwar
Chairman & Trustee


General awareness among peoples before death should pledge to donate their transplantable organs to serve the mankind.

Commitment Promotions Through :-
» Media
» Web Promotions / SEO
» Hospital
» Hoardings at Crematory Places
» Hoardings at Burial Places
(Awareness among donors/ dead person family members that before we convert the dead body into ashes or burry -leave the body to be decomposed we can retrieve some of organs & can be reused & transplanted in other live human being - there is acute shortage of organs & donors)

Things to note :-
» Onsite case / history sheet of dead body blood group & other features to indicate that organ retrieved are fit for transplant.
» Timely retrieving organs setting up of retrieval operation centers at crematory / burial places & branches at various hospitals.
» Preserving organs till transplantation.
» Centralised organ preservation centers / banks.
» Searching for suitable recipients making data of patients there case sheet looking for organs.
» Transplantation of organs & rehabilitant the acceptor of organ if necessary there after.


This project is conceived by Mr Kawal Jit Singh ( graduate mechanical engineer ) who is engaged in trading of car spare parts ; if car spare parts can be replaced why not the human organs
As there is no factory producing human parts only dead human organs can be transplanted .

We Require:-
» Funds for setting & maintaining up organ retrieving centers.
» Funds for mobile / bus / van shape retrieving centers to retrieve the organs directly at house of disceased.
» Funds for setting & maintaining up organ banks / centers.
» Funds for setting & maintaining up transplant centers.
» Funds for media & press advertising.

MORTO will also invest in this project as per Govt. norms but we are looking for Govt. support on this project in way of land in way of setting up centers at burial / crematory places inway support from Govt. doctors etc

Thanking You
For & On Behalf Of MORTO
Kawal Jit Singh Talwar
( Chairman & Trustee )

United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS)
Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)