Company Profile

Spare Mart has been in the wholesale car parts and auto body parts business for over 20 years.

Being a leader in the wholesale car parts market for this many years allows to offer the public the lowest prices anywhere for quality car parts.

Spare Mart Offers a wide range of car interior and exterior styling accessories.


» Sourcing right product from right place of right quality and supplying the same to right customer in right time that too with global competitive price.

» To serve premier segment of automobiles in India in better way.

» To maintain sufficient stocks to ensure quick delivery and minimum back orders would like to be involved with todays most challenging multidimensional import marketing assignments.


» Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority which we should achieve through Transparency in pricing and Excellence in performance, in respect to Quality, Delivery and Service.

» We will continuously strive to achieve higher and higher levels of Customer Satisfaction by effective deployment of all our resources. We highly value our responsibility to be customer friendly in all our activities.

» A new customer isn't just sales prospect to us, but a relationship to nurture and cherish, that's why we're constantly expanding our capacity and strengthening our local presence to make sure each customer can depend on us for speedy deliveries and reliable quality.

» We like to think this is why a large and growing part of our business comes from repeat orders.