Car Electrical Parts

Spare Mart we offer variety of electrical parts which offer a wide range of applications in various brands of cars.We offer wide range of auto electrical parts like automotive headlight assembly, automotive indicator lights, auto electrical cables, automotive horns and other electrical parts at competitive prices. We offer unmatched durability, reliability and dependability at the most cost-effective prices. We have electrical parts for Skoda, Opel, Toyota, Fiat, Honda, Daewoo, Ford, yundai, audi , nissan , Bmw , vw , tata , Renault , Chevrolet and Mitsubishi to name just a few. They are famous for their impeccable quality.

Following is the complete list of all electrical parts available

ø Armatures
ø Starters
ø Alternators
ø Batteries
ø Bulbs
ø Carbon Brush
ø Distributors
ø Computer Assy-ECM
ø Flash Units
ø Spark Plugs
ø Ignition Cables
ø Ignition Coils
ø Meter Gauges
ø Rotor Distributor
ø Spark Plugs
ø Brake Switch

ø Rectifier
ø Regulators
ø Fuses
ø Relays
ø Control
ø Switches
ø Horns
ø Audio Systems
ø Motors
ø Lamps
ø Wiring and Harness
ø Air Conditioning Kits
ø Condenser
ø Compressor
ø Heater Core
ø Cooling Coil